Smiling, frowning, talking, squinting. We move our face constantly and all these repetitive movements can have a lasting effect on the skin’s surface – in the form
of wrinkles.

The skin is no match for the strength of our moving facial muscles and, over time, the muscular contractions break the collagen fibres in the dermis, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and folds – enter the angry frown line! D*****t is a form of botulinum toxin used by hundreds of women to combat wrinkles and smooth the forehead.

Because these are dynamic wrinkles – or lines caused by facial movement – they can appear on younger individuals and are not necessarily associated with age. Left to their
own devices, these early wrinkles can develop over time, forging deep furrows in an otherwise smooth and youthful- looking brow.

‘D*****t is ideal for men and women who wish to improve their appearance by reducing the wrinkles on their face and creating a younger looking complexion,’ explains Sydney
cosmetic surgeon Dr Masood Ansari. ‘Dysport can help create a younger and softer look, without compromising the patient’s natural appearance.’


D*****t is one of three botulinum toxins available on the Australian market. By inhibiting muscular contractions, it prevents the formation of facial wrinkles and is commonly used to reduce the appearance of glabella lines, or frown lines between the eyebrows. The injection acts to block the signal from the nerves to the muscles, temporarily inhibiting muscle activity and smoothing dynamic wrinkles.

‘D*****t has many advantages over its competitors,’ Dr Ansari says. ‘In my experience, its effects kick in much quicker, in some cases within 48-72 hours compared to one to two weeks with other anti-wrinkle injections. Secondly, it gives a smoother result without compromising the natural appearance. Furthermore, in my experience, it lasts longer than other anti-wrinkle injections when an appropriate dose is injected.’


Treatment with D*****t involves an initial consultation to establish if the patient is suitable for treatment. The procedure itself typically lasts less than half an hour.
‘The treatment process starts with a consultation between the patient and the doctor,’ Dr Ansari explains. ‘The patient’s needs are evaluated and an appropriate treatment plan is designed.’

Dr Ansari offers his patients a cold pack to numb the site before treatment and reduce the risk of bruising post-procedure. Local anaesthetic cream can also be applied if needed. ‘Treatment with D*****t involves a number of small injections delivered to the treatment site,’ he explains. ‘The process takes only a short time to perform, the needles used are extremely fine, and only a small volume of product is injected. The discomfort experienced by the patient is typically minimal and well tolerated.’

‘Following treatment, there may be some redness and a “mosquito bite” appearance in the treated area. This tends to subside within 30 minutes of treatment. By the time the patient returns to work from their “lunch break” procedure, there is normally no evidence of treatment remaining,’ Dr Ansari adds.

As with any anti-wrinkle treatment, results take at least a couple of days to kick in and will reach maximum efficacy in the week or so following the injections.
‘Within two to three days most patients will start seeing a reduction in wrinkles, a smoother look in the skin and reduced muscle movement at the treated area,’ Dr Ansari explains. ‘These changes will improve every day till the effect of D*****t reaches its peak around a week post-procedure.’

D*****t is effective as a stand-alone treatment to combat facial wrinkles. It can also be used in conjunction with other modalities to achieve more universal results in facial rejuvenation. Results typically last between three and six months, and there should be at least a 90-day period between treatments.

‘The longevity of D*****t results can vary between patients, depending on the strength of the person’s muscles, her/his physical activity and the body’s rate of metabolism. In some cases it can even last for 9-12 months,’ says Dr Ansari. ‘Dermal fillers are commonly used alongside D*****t to complement the results. D*****t treatment can also be used to accompany thread lifting.’ As with anything in anti-ageing, prevention is key and D*****t delivers an effective, lasting and reliable method for wrinkle reduction and prevention. By targeting the underlying facial muscles, treatment with D*****t can leave the skin’s surface smoother, fresher and more youthful in appearance.

D*****t can help create a younger and softer look, without compromising the patient’s natural appearance.

Note: Due to regulatory reasons we are not allowed to mention the actual brand name in this article, however please contact My Cosmetic Clinic on 1300 85 49 89 to find out more information.

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