Achieving naturally-convincing
results requires superior
skill and artistry.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Sydney - Preserve Your Natural Beauty.

If you're one of the many who prefer to take a more proactive and subtle towards aging, then adapting a long-term anti-wrinkle strategy that provides naturally-convincing results is the best approach. When applied with true artistry, skill and experience, anti-wrinkle injections can be used to enhance and sustain our natural features - it does not have to be about dramatic results. Both our male and female patients enjoy benefiting from naturally-convincing results that improve self-esteem, confidence and motivation. For those seeking to look their very best, preserve their appearance and minimise the effects of aging, anti-wrinkle injections are incredibly effective and affordable.


Anti-Wrinkle Injections can treat the following areas:

  • Frown lines and forehead lines
  • Crows feet
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Puckering lines above the lips
  • The ‘bunny smile lines’ at the sides of the nose
  • To reduce a ‘gummy smile’
  • To lift sagging at the side of the mouth
  • To improve chin creases and dimpling
  • To lift and tighten a sagging neck (Platysmal muscle)
  • To slim the lower face (Masseter muscles)

Our practitioners will provide you with expert advice and a complimentary consultationprior to proceeding with your treatment to best discuss your goals and options in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions


Anti-wrinkle injections are composed of a natural, purified protein. When injected into specific facial muscles, the muscles causing wrinkles are relaxed, reducing dynamic lines and creating a younger, softer and more natural-looking appearance. Anti-wrinkle injections inhibit the transmission of neurotransmitters from the nerve to the muscle and stop the muscle from contracting and forming wrinkles. They also stop the constant compression of your skin, preventing the permanent ‘etching’ of wrinkles in the areas treated.

What areas can be effectively treated with Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Below are the main reasons for using anti-wrinkle injections:
  • To reduce frown lines, forehead lines and Crow’s feet.
  • To improve puckering lines above and below the lips.
  • To minimise the “bunny smile lines” at the top of the nose.
  • To reduce a “gummy smile”.
  • To lift sagging skin at the side of the mouth.
  • To improve chin creases and dimpling.
  • To lift and tighten a sagging neck (Platysmal muscle).
  • To slim the lower face (Masseter muscles).

How are Anti-Wrinkle Injections administered into the skin?

After the consultation process and once your needs and expectations have been determined, an ice pack is applied to the treatment area to help to reduce the risk of bruising, also numbing your skin to some extent. The area to be treated is cleaned with an alcohol wipe and the actual anti-wrinkle injection procedure involves a small amount of the product being administered into the selected facial muscles using a very fine needle.

How long does the procedure take?

Normally, the appointment time for anti-wrinkle injections is 20 minutes. This involves a consultation and evaluation of your needs, and the actual procedure only takes 2-5 minutes,depending on the amount of anti-wrinkle injections required and the areas being treated.

Will I feel any pain

The anti-wrinkle injections may sting for a few seconds, but no anesthetic is required. You will be given an ice pack before your procedure to reduce the discomfort. There may be some swelling and redness at the site of the injections, which tends to resolve within a few minutes and you can resume normal activities afterwards. It is recommended that you do not rub the injected area harshly, and avoid strenuous exercises for 48 hrs post procedure.

How long will it take before I notice the results?

After your anti-wrinkle injections have been completed,it takes 2 to 3 days for the treatment to begin taking effect, and about 5 to 8 days to see the full results.

How long do Anti-Wrinkle Injections last?

Anti-wrinkle injections can last for up to 16 weeks, so for optimal, long term results we recommend that you repeat the procedure no later than every 4 months.

What is the difference between Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers?

Anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscles in your face, softening the look of your face, whereas dermal fillers are used to plump your skin and fill in deep wrinkles and lines, adding volume to your face.

How much do Anti-Wrinkle Injections cost?

At My Cosmetic Clinic, our anti-wrinkle injection treatments commence from $169.00 for 50 units, which in most cases is sufficient to treat 1 major area. Please add $49 per each minor area thereafter.

Are there any risks involved with Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

There are risks involved in any type of cosmetic procedure and with Anti-wrinkle injections there is the risk of bruising, swelling, allergic reactions to the injections and a drooping brow. Dr Ansari will discuss all of these potential risks with you during your consultation.

How do I schedule an appointment for my Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

You can use our friendly online booking system to make your next appointment and choose from one of our 8 clinics across NSW. Our sophisticated online appointment booking system ensures that you lock-in your appointment in just moments. You can book your appointment from any device, at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection. Otherwise please call 1300 85 49 89 to arrange a consultation for your anti-wrinkle injections.