Cosmetic Surgery in Botany and the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

Liposuction Surgery (Fat Reduction Surgery)

At My Cosmetic Clinic, Dr Ansari believes that the best results for reducing body fat with Liposuction are achieved in localised body areas, because general obesity cannot be suitably treated with liposuction alone.

To ensure the very best results from your Liposuction, Dr Ansari performs a careful assessment of factors that may contribute to a successful outcome following your surgery. For example, your body type may play an important role in your fat reduction treatment.

Following this assessment, Dr Ansari creates a detailed step by step plan for your Liposuction, resulting in a natural appearance that enhances your contours and offers the very best outcome. This initial assessment and consultation takes place at our My Cosmetic Clinic in Botany, which is easily accessible to patients in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, as well as in Sydney’s Southern Suburbs.

Women: The most common areas for Liposuction in women include the thighs, hips and buttocks, abdomen, knees and the lower legs, upper and lower back and arms, and of course, the chin and cheeks on the face.

Men: The most common areas for liposuction treatments in men include the abdomen, waist, chest and the neck region.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty Surgery) in Botany

As we age, the skin around our eyes loses its elasticity and suppleness leading to wrinkling, sagging and excess skin. These problems are not only caused by the natural aging process, but can be exacerbated by too much exposure to the sun and the natural effects of gravity over time. The result is that our face looks tired and bad tempered, which gives a poor first impression and does not usually reflect how we actually feel.

The solution is Eyelid surgery (upper and/or lower), which gives your face a fresher and healthier appearance that lasts longer than can be achieved with cosmetic injections alone.

Breast Augmentation (Breast Implant Surgery) in Botany

Breast Surgery requires exceptional skill, experience and patience from your surgeon. So it is vital that you select your surgeon based on the positive outcomes that they achieve for their patients and not on the quantity of surgeries that they perform or the cost of the surgery; in the area of cosmetic surgery, quality always outweighs quantity.

On the other hand, the media have paid a lot of attention to the ‘cheap boob-jobs’ performed overseas, resulting in serious complications and tragic consequences for many Australians. Dr Ansari’s ethical approach to his surgery and his focus on positive outcomes for his patients, makes him the ideal choice for your Breast Surgery.

If safety, experience, superior outcomes and an ethical approach to cosmetic surgery are important to you, then Dr Ansari is worth considering for Breast Implants.

Breast Lift Surgery

Dr Ansari not only performs Breast Augmentation, but he also offers consultations for Breast Lift Surgery as well, which is aimed at lifting sagging breasts. This type of surgery can be required following residual effects from pregnancy and breastfeeding or simply as a result of gravity, the aging process or following weight gain or weight loss.

Compared to Breast Augmentation that aims to enlarge the breasts, a Breast Lift aims to return your breasts to a more youthful position on your chest, giving you a more flattering profile.

This means that you can either have your breasts enlarged and lifted at the same time or just select one surgery that will best enhance your contours and suits your needs. Many of Dr Ansari’s female patients elect to combine both a Breast Lift with a Breast Augmentation, resulting in firmer, larger and more youthful looking breasts.

How can you arrange a consultation with Dr Ansari?

Advance bookings at our Botany Clinic are highly recommended.

The fastest way to book an appointment with Dr Ansari is to click on the BOOK NOW button below and use our friendly online booking system. Alternatively, you call us on 1300 85 49 89 if you prefer.

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Cosmetic beauty procedures in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and Sydney South. Located close to Sydney airport, My Cosmetic Clinic at Botany offers convenience to clients in the south-eastern suburbs of Sydney. My Cosmetic Clinic offers a range of skin rejuvenation and surgical procedures, designed to enhance your beauty and improve your appearance. Dr Ansari’s specialties include dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, designer neck and facelifts, eye-lid surgery and brow lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks and breast augmentation. Dr Ansari’s attention to detail and expertise in the cosmetic beauty industry has made him a highly experienced practitioner in NSW with thousands of happy clients.

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