Cosmetic Surgery on the Central Coast

Liposuction for patients in Erina, Gosford and the Central Coast of NSW

Dr Ansari, the Head Surgeon at My Cosmetic Clinic in Gosford, believes that the best results from Liposuction Surgery can only be achieved with localised liposuction. Patients with general obesity can still avail themselves of Liposuction, but this needs to be combined with other effective treatments for obesity, as the best results will not be achieved with Liposuction alone.

To achieve the desired results for his patients, Dr Ansari performs a complete and thorough assessment of each patient, including their body type. It is these initial assessment procedures that help Dr Ansari to determine whether Liposuction Surgery alone will offer you the results that you desire or whether other factors need to be considered as part of your Fat Reduction Treatment.

It is also at this time that Dr Ansari will put together a detailed plan for your surgery, so that he knows exactly where on your body to perform the Liposuction for the best results.

Men and women tend to focus on different areas of their bodies when they ask for Liposuction. For example men usually have Liposuction to their neck areas, their chest, abdomen and waist. On the other hand, women prefer Liposuction on their buttocks, hips, thighs, abdomen, knees and lower legs, as well as their upper and lower back, and the chin and cheeks on their face.

For more information on our Liposuction Procedures, click here – Liposuction Body Surgery Sydney.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty Surgery) in Gosford and Erina on the Central Coast

One of the consequences of aging and too much exposure to the sun is that the delicate skin around our eyes tends to lose its elasticity. This can result in excess skin that sags around the eyes, as well as in wrinkles in the eye area, giving us a tired, old and bad tempered appearance.

Eyelid Surgery can give you back a more refreshed and youthful appearance, banishing excess skin and sagging eyelids, and eliminating crow’s feet and other unsightly sagging around the eyes.

Breast Augmentation (with implants) on the Central Coast of NSW

Breast Surgery requires years of experience and exceptional skills to give patients the very best outcomes. Unfortunately, as you might have seen in the media, the flood of ‘cheap boob-jobs’ overseas has resulted in many Australians suffering from severe and unsightly complications of their surgery.

The way for you to avoid such tragic circumstances, is to select a surgeon who not only has the right skills and experience, but who also focuses on positive patient outcomes, rather than on performing as many surgeries as possible. This is why Dr Ansari is very popular with the patients at My Cosmetic Clinic, because he focuses on the quality of the surgery, rather than the quantity and gives his patients the very best outcomes possible.

Dr Ansari performs Breast Augmentation for patients who want to enlarge or resize their breasts using implants. His attention to detail and his focus on giving his patients their desired result, as well as his ethical approach to Breast Surgery, has resulted in many happy patients on the Central Coast.

Breast Lifts in Erina, Gosford and the Central Coast

A Breast Lift is performed because your breasts are sagging, which can be caused by the aging process, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and weight loss or weight gain. With a Breast Lift, your breasts are repositioned on your chest, so that you regain a more youthful profile.

Many of our patients opt to have both a Breast Augmentation and a Breast Lift, so that they can elevate and enlarge their breasts simultaneously. This is often the most suitable decision for many women and is something that you can discuss with Dr Ansari at your initial consultation.

Making an appointment with Dr Ansari at the My Cosmetic Clinic in Gosford

We recommend that you make an appointment with Dr Ansari early, so that your surgery can be scheduled within a reasonable time-frame. You can click on the BOOK NOW button below and make your appointment using our online booking service or you can call us on 1300 85 49 89 if you prefer.