Aging eye conditions, such as
droopy eyelids, can add years
to your appearance and even
impair your vision.

Blepharoplasty Sydney (Eyelid Surgery)

Droopy upper eyelids make people look tired, prematurely older and often decrease the light entry into the eyes, narrowing the peripheral visual field, which affects vision. Living with drooping eyelids is not easy. It is common for patients to compensate by raising the eyebrows just to see more, resulting in excessive forehead creases and eyes that are prematurely tired. As an eye specialist, Dr Ansari performs bladeless eyelid surgery that brings both cosmetic and functional benefits to the patient.


Bladeless Blepharoplasty (Safe, Fast Recovery, Scar-Free)

Unlike more expensive traditional blepharoplasty which can leave you with an undesired scar and longer recovery time, bladeless upper eyelid surgery is more superior at defying gravity and correcting drooping eyelids. This advanced technique is a safer, more affordable procedure that offers patients with minimal scarring and faster recovery time.

Both our male and female patients enjoy benefiting from naturally-convincing results that improve self-esteem, confidence and motivation. For those seeking to look their very best, preserve their appearance and minimise the effects of drooping upper eyelids, bladeless eyelid surgery is incredibly effective, permanent and affordable.

A consultation with Dr Ansari will provide full insights into the options most suitable for your lifestyle that best suits your desired appearance, as well as opportunity to discuss your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) the right procedure for me?

The visible sagging of your eyelids is a natural phenomenon of aging, but tends to make you look tired and exhausted, even though you may be feeling fresh and wide awake. If you are concerned about droopy eyelids, then this is the right procedure for you, because eyelid surgery refreshesthe appearance of youreyelids, whether you choose just the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both for your surgery. The aim of eyelid surgery is to improve the appearance of your eye area and to make you look healthier, more refreshed and less tired.

Bladeless Upper Eyelid Surgery

Droopy upper eyelids make people look tired andold before their time. Thesecan also decrease the entry of light into youreyes, narrowing yourperipheral visual field and affecting your vision. Living with drooping eyelids is not easy and it is common for some peopleto compensate by raising their eyebrows, simply to improve their vision. Unfortunately, this behaviourcan resultin excessive forehead creases, as well as eyes that lookprematurely aged and tired.

As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr Ansari performs bladeless eyelid surgery that brings both cosmetic and functional benefits to hispatients.This blepharoplasty involves making an incision with an energy based device,offeringquality precision, less bleeding, bruising and swelling, and a quicker recoverytime.

What is the difference between Upper Eyelid Surgery and Lower Eyelid Surgery?

Upper eyelid surgery is designed to target excess skin and puffiness in yourupper eyelid,whilst lower eyelid surgery is useful in treating excess skin, puffiness, and hollownessunder the eyes.

Who is the best candidate for Blepharoplasty?

The best candidates for blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) are healthy men and women who have sagging in their upper or lower eyelids, along with puffy, loose and creepy skin. Although most eyelid surgery patients are middle aged, blepharoplasty is also quite beneficial foryounger individuals, particularly when droopy or baggy eyelids are hereditaryor develop prematurely.

Where is the Blepharoplasty surgery performed?

Most of our surgical procedures are performed in ourclinic based theatre in Sydney, under twilight sedation and local anaesthesia. If for some reason, a general anaesthesia (GA) is preferred or if the procedure is combined with other major surgery, Dr Ansari will performyour blepharoplasty in an accredited hospital with first class GA facilities and with the assistance of aqualified anaesthetist.

What preparations do I need to do for my Blepharoplasty?
A simple blood testmay be donepre-operatively, before your eyelid surgery and antibiotic tabletsand painkillersare also prescribed. Aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications, which are blood thinners,should bestopped at least a week before your surgery, and fish oil and some vitamins are stopped for the same reason. It is not usual to have to cease any other prescription drugs.
What happens on the day of my surgery?

We ask you to arrive about half an hour before your eyelid surgery and you willbe given asmall dose of oralsedative at that time. After photographs are taken of your eye area, the surgeryis fully explained to you (we also explain your surgery atyour consultation)and your queries are answered, Dr Ansari will make accurate measurements of the skin that needs to be removed, giving you ample time toaskany remaining questions, prior to your surgery.

Next,you will be taken to the theatre roomanda small amount of strong local anaesthetic is used to numb the site of your surgery. This local anaesthetic is allowed to work for about 10 minutes and then your eyelid surgery is performed. Once your surgery is completed, you willbe observed while you recover for another 20-30 minutes.Only antibiotic ointment will be applied to your wound and we don’t believe in bulky dressings. You might prefer to bring your sun glasses to cover your eyes in the early recovery period

It is not possible to driveyourself home following a blepharoplasty, but if you do not have anyone who can drive you safely home, we can call you a taxi.

How is the actual Blepharoplasty procedure performed?

An upper blepharoplasty is performed usinga small incision in the crease of yourupper eyelid. This incision heals very well and will be almostimperceptible once healing has occurred. The excess skin is removed and a small amount of muscle and fatmay beremoved or repositioned as required, and the skin is closed with very finestitches.

A lower blepharoplasty can be performedusing an incision underneath the eyelashes (subciliary approach) or inside the eye lid (transconjunctival approach). The skin and muscle are elevated,any necessaryinternal fat removed, a tiny strip of skin isremoved if required, and the muscle and the skin are closed with very fine stitches.

It takes approximately30 minutes for upper eyelid surgery and 1 hr forlower blepharoplasty surgery to be performed or around 1.5- 2 hours if both operations are performed together.

Are there scars that result from Blepharoplasty?
Considering the skin in youreyelids being the thinnest skin in yourbody, the incisions from your eyelid surgery, when placed appropriately, will heal well and are likely to be imperceptible.
Is Blepharoplasty a painful procedure?

Eyelid surgery is not normally painful, and the most you will usually feel is a slight burning sensation in youreyelids,1hour after the procedure. Any discomfort you feel will generally last about an hour.

What can I expect immediately after my Blepharoplasty?

Following your eyelid surgery, you will be allowed to return home the same day asyour surgery. You will return to see Dr Ansari in his rooms around 8th-10thpost-operative day, when the sutures will beremoved.You can also have your sutures removed at your GP if you prefer. From that point on, any bruising will start to quickly subside and you can wear make-up after your sutures are removed.

About 70% of the swelling resolves in the first 2 weeks with the remaining swelling taking about 2 months to fully resolve. Don’t worry however, because this remaining swelling is only mild and is not perceptible. Most patients are well enough to return to work by the 7th – 10thpost-operative day.You may need to use some concealer to cover the wound or any remaining bruising.

How soon after my Blepharoplasty procedure will I be able to exercise?

It is recommended not to perform strenuous exercises for at least 3 weeks after your eyelid surgery.

What happens during a consultation for Blepharoplasty?

During your consultation, Dr Ansari will examine and evaluate the skin around your eyes and eyelids. He will explainthe eyelid surgery to you, including the surgical technique he will use, where the surgery will be performed, what type of anaesthesia he will use, and a step-by-step explanation of your recovery.

You will have plenty of time to ask questions during yourconsultation with Dr Ansari. However, following your consultation, if you have any further questions, you can email them to us or if you prefer, organise another consultation with Dr Ansari.

How much does a Blepharoplastycost?
At My Cosmetic Clinic, both upper and lower eyelid surgeries are performed in our clinic theatre. The cost of your surgery is $2,950 for upper eyelid surgery and $5,950 for lower eyelid surgery, inclusive of GST. This includes post-operative appointments for 6 months.