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Liposuction Surgery for patients in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley

The best results for Liposuction Surgery are when it is performed to reduce the amount of fat in localised areas, rather than for general obesity. In fact, Liposuction can be used as one of the solutions for obesity, but for the best outcomes it needs to be combined with other treatments to effectively resolve the issue of obesity.

To this end, Dr Ansari performs a thorough and detailed assessment of your condition, ensuring that your body type and other factors will contribute to, rather than hinder, a positive outcome following your fat reduction treatment.

As part of your initial consultation, Dr Ansari formulates a detailed plan for your Liposuction, so that you can achieve the best outcome from your surgery and enhance your natural contours. This initial consultation is performed by Dr Ansari at My Cosmetic Clinic in Newcastle and The Hunter.

Liposuction for Women: Women tend to prefer liposuction on their buttocks, knees hips and thighs, as well as their upper and lower back and arms, and their chin and cheeks on their face.

Liposuction for Men: In contrast, men prefer to have Liposuction on their chest, waist, and abdomen and neck area.

You can find out more information about our Liposuction Services here – Liposuction Body Surgery Sydney

Blepharoplasty and Eyelid Surgery in Newcastle and the Hunter

One of the effects of aging is that the delicate skin around our eyes loses it elasticity and suppleness, causing the skin in this area to sag. This quite often gives our face an old, tired and sometimes angry look, which is unfortunate, because this appearance doesn’t usually reflect how we normally feel in our day to day lives.

Sagging, wrinkles and excess skin in the eye area are not only caused by the natural aging process, but can also be due to gravity and the effect of excessive sun damage. Eyelid Surgery is often the ideal solution in these circumstances and can give your face a refreshed and more youthful appearance that lasts for years.

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Breast Implants and Augmentation in Newcastle and the Hunter Region

A Breast Augmentation focuses on enlarging or resizing your breasts with implants. Without a doubt, you will have noticed all of the media attention focused on the ‘cheap boob jobs’ that are performed overseas. The number of undesirable results and the complications from this type of cheap surgery is overwhelming, emphasising the need to select your surgeon with the utmost care.

So it is vital that you make your decision based on the experience, skills and positive outcomes of the surgeon, rather on the cost. Dr Ansari is renowned for his ethical approach to Breast Surgery, focusing on giving his patients the very best outcome, rather than trying to fit in as many surgeries as possible.

It is his attention to detail and his ethical approach to surgery that has made Dr Ansari a favourite surgeon with patients at our Newcastle clinic. If safety and positive outcomes are high priorities for you, making an appointment for a consultation with Dr Ansari is the first step in achieving your desired outcomes.

Breast Lifts in Newcastle and the Hunter Region

Whilst Breast Augmentation focuses on enlarging or resizing your breasts, a Breast Lift focuses on repositioning your breasts to give you a more youthful appearance. This type of Breast Surgery is usually performed because our breasts have begun to sag, and whilst this is a result of the aging process, it can also occur because of pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as weight loss and weight gain.

The goal of a Breast lift is to return your breasts to a more natural position on your chest, giving you a more refined and lithe profile. Many women chose to have both a Breast Augmentation and a Breast lift at the same time, so that they can resize and reposition their breasts in one surgery.

Booking an appointment with Dr Ansari at My Cosmetic Clinic in Newcastle

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My Cosmetic Clinic at Newcastle is a long established practice that is conveniently located for clients living or working on the Hunter Valley and Newcastle region of NSW. Our Newcastle clinic offers medical-grade non-surgical treatments, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, combined treatments and practitioner-only chemical peels. Our Newcastle clinic is led by Dr Ansari. With extensive experience in cosmetic procedures, Dr Ansari is well positioned to help you enhance your natural beauty and improve your appearance. He offers a range of surgical techniques, including eye-lid surgery, face, neck or brow lifts, breast augmentation, a tummy tuck and liposuction.

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