What does your skin say about you?

Skin Treatments

At My Cosmetic Clinic we believe that everyone deserves luminous skin, which is why our skin treatments are designed to dramatically improve skin texture and tone, improving any visible imperfections and leaving you looking radiant and rejuvenated.

The skin is your body’s largest organ and changes in its appearance are often highly visible and at times, permanent. So why live with a tired, aged or blemished looking complexion when there are affordable and effective solutions available?

Solutions, such as chemical peels, can easily be included into your beauty routine, giving your skin a more youthful, vibrant and glowing radiance.

Chemical Peels for more youthful, radiant and fresher skin.

At My Cosmetic Clinic we offer a variety of scientifically proven chemical peels to our clients, ranging in intensity and outcomes. These include the milder peels, usually applied by therapists to the high-grade chemical peels, which can only be offered by a medical doctor.


Chemical peels offers the following:

  • Smoother and softer skin texture.
  • A more even skin tone.
  • Fine lines, wrinkles and pore sizes are minimised.
  • The appearance of dark spots are diminished.

Our practitioners will provide you with expert advice and a complimentary consultationprior to proceeding with your treatment to best discuss your goals and options in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I consider Chemical Peels?

Chemical Peels are the most effective, tested and proven method of achieving noticeable skin rejuvenation. A Chemical Peel can significantly improve the appearance of your skin and can be performed on your face, neck, chest, hands and arms. Anyone who wants to address facial redness, acne scaring and the visible signs of aging, such as lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation should consider Enerpeel medical grade peels.

Are Chemical Peels effective?

For well over a century, Chemical Peels have been a reliable solution for treating acne scarring, pigmentary problems, wrinkles and other unwanted manifestations of photoaging

How much does it cost?

Mandelic (Light Peel)

One Treatment - $169,

Package of Four Treatments - $599

Jessner (Medium Peel)

One Treatment - $349,

Package of Four Treatments (minimum 2 weeks apart) - $849

(The prices above includes $149 worth of skin care products for preparation and post care)

TCA (advance Peel)

One Treatment - $449,

Package of Four Treatments (minimum 1 month apart)- $1249

(The prices above includes $149 worth of skin care products for preparation and post care)