Why does our body store so much fat?

Why does our body store so much fat?

Our body’s ability to store fat has evolved over thousands of years as a survival mechanism against times when food was not easy to find. Now that food is easily accessible, this survival mechanism is the root cause of fat storage, which for some, is leading to poor body shape and health.


Fat reduction with exercise and dieting isn’t always sufficient. This is where Liposuction can help. Most of us, even those who exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, will have parts of their body that they would love to tone, to improve their shape or drop a dress or pant size.


This is when Liposuction will be required, which safely removes excess fat for the various regions as described below:


Areas treated with Liposuction:


At My Cosmetic Clinic we effectively treat the following body areas with Liposuction:
▪           Abdomen (and love handles)

▪           Back

▪           Buttocks

▪           Chest

▪           Inner knees

▪           Hips

▪           Flanks (love-handles)

▪           Neckline and the area under the chin

▪           Thighs – saddlebags (outer thighs), and inner thighs

▪           Upper arms.


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